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I am Cliff Kujala. It’s nice to meet you!

I am a happily married guy from Phoenix, AZ USA.  I have a passion for kart racing, cooking, and family.  I value honesty, integrity, and hard work.

Solar Revolutions
Happy Marriage
Awesome Children
Grains of Salt Sprinkled

Everything is a Race

I’m faster than you.  If I’m not today, I will be tomorrow.  Everything in life can be turned into a race.


I used to always have my DSLR on me, but times have changed.  Now I’m lazy so iPhone is about all you get outta me for camera work.

Science Enthusiast

Because its Science.  Nothing expands the mind and makes us question reality like science, and the scientific process.


Best way to celebrate all the victories in life is with friends and family, so lets raise a glass and toast life.

Square? Maybe.

Sometimes a geek, sometimes a grump. I can be many things, but not serious is rarely one of them.


How does that work?  I want to know, and I’m not afraid to take it apart to figure it out.

I enjoy sharing the meals and pastries Amy and I make just as much as we enjoy creating them. Sit back & take a moment to browse through some of our recent triumphs and failures in the kitchen.

Apple Guy

The world is a bit divided currently, iOS v Android. I chose Apple since the first iPhone was released and never looked back.


I don’t really wear any. Not sure why Lewis Hamilton feels he needs so much…lol.


I try not to spend too much time in front of the old BoobTube, but I do sometimes get hooked by a series and go all in for a binge marathon. We are all guilty of that nowadays I think.


Life really is a gift in itself. Just imagine how none of us would be here if Saturn hadn’t gotten large enough with enough gravity to stop Jupiter from crashing its way into the inner solar system.

Get ready to be hungry

Amy’s desserts can make a lasting impression
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About Cliff Kujala

Cliff Kujala
Phoenix, AZ

T: +1 602-330-2925
E: [email protected]

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